How Tyler Perry Made My Day

“What!” This was my reaction after my brother shared ‘The News.’  Since you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me take you back to the beginning of my day.

My big brother said “You are not going to believe what happened.” I said “what?” and he said “I’ll tell you when we get into the car.” It was the carrot dangling on the end of the stick. He was trying to get me to hurry up and finish getting ready because as it was, he is well aware that when a woman says she needs five more minutes, she’s using the same time scale as a man when he says there are five more minutes left til the game ends. He was here to pick me up and I was still getting ready.  I finished up quickly.  Two faint beeps outside later, I ran out the door and yelled “I’m coming!”

I jumped into the car and as I’m putting on my seat belt, I ask.  “So what’s the news?  I can’t wait to hear what you have to tell me.”  He says, “when was the last time that you checked your blog?” I said “Last night, why?”  He says, “First of all, do you know who Tyler Perry is?” and I answer “Of course! I love his work! Why?” “Because Tyler Perry read your blog and ‘Liked’ it on your Facebook page.”  I shrieked. “What! Are you serious?  I think I’m gonna cry!” “Thank you God!” He keeps talking but thoughts are running through my head at the speed of a cheetah and are so loud that everything he says from that point forward is just background noise.   “Tyler Perry liked my blog!” “I wonder if he laughed out loud?” “What was his favorite part?” “Wow! To have a successful writer like him who is inspiring and hilarious like my writing is such an affirmation!”  “Is this REALLY happening?” “He just totally made my day!” “Tyler Perry just made my Friday and he doesn’t even know it!” “God, this MUST be you!” “Thank you, what’s next?”

My thoughts go from “I need to find a job” to “This is it!” “I have enjoyed writing since I was about 9 years old.” I have found my passion!” Now I want to remind everyone reading this that I have quite the imagination so I start fantasizing about how I will write screenplays, more short stories, blogging, songs and poetry, etc. full-time!  I allow myself to dream for a few minutes. Daydreaming that perhaps I’ll even get to work with Tyler Perry one day.  That I would even relate things in Spanish for my Latin people and then I put the kibosh on the beautiful fantasy in my head because I have to focus on the Job Fair that I am on my way to at the moment.  Yet the rest of the way to the college(to make copies of my resume) and then the Amway Center, all I could think about was checking my Facebook as soon as I get home.

Oh no, I’m not just gonna check my Facebook ..I’m gonna update my status.  Let’s see what should my status update say?  How should I announce this without sounding like I’m bragging or something?  Although I am elated and I’m sure they’ll all feel the same way too when they read my update, won’t they?  Of course they will. I’ll be thanking all my family and friends for their support and announce how Tyler Perry had ‘Liked’ my first blog post and then I’d re-invite those who haven’t read it to read it now.  Yes, because if he liked it and he’s a professional writer then you are missing out people! So go check it out, while it’s still fresh and tell all your friends.

So as we’re in the car, I turn to my brother, who is smiling with me and enjoying the moment, all proud of his little sister and I ask him again, “so how do you know that Tyler Perry liked my blog? He says “because Facebook shows it when someone likes your status.” I say to him, “do you know that he is the only one that I have ‘Liked’ from my ‘yourfriendmel Facebook page’?” and my brother says, “No, you have several people that have liked your page” and I agree but I reiterate that Tyler Perry’s Facebook page is the only Facebook page that I have ‘Liked’ from my blog page because I haven’t taken the time to like anyone else or any groups, products, etc  and he was the first one that came to mind.  As I looked at his eyes, I watched a light go on in his head.  Then he tells me not to think too much about it.  Later on in the afternoon after I was home, it occurred to me that my ‘Like’ section displayed Tyler Perry on the yourfriendmel page. My brother doesn’t really use Facebook so in the section where it displays the Facebook pages that I like, my brother mistakenly thought Tyler Perry ‘Liked’ my page.  I smiled to myself because my brother is rooting for me and he saw how elated I was.  Like a little kid at Christmas and he didn’t have the heart to burst my bubble once he realized his innocent mistake.  It warmed my heart…in appreciation for his support for me and his desire to see me happy.  Thank you Big Brother! Oh and there’s something else.

After those few hours of daydreaming and imagining my future, I wasn’t mad at my brother or disappointed that it wasn’t what I thought. I realized that I was STILL elated and enthused even after learning the truth.  Why?  Because I realized that I had allowed myself to dream of something more.  I dreamed of what I REALLY enjoy doing with the God given talents that I have and want to do as a job.  I have spent many years working an 8-5 job in an office and writing on the side just for fun.  Although I am very thankful for the skills I acquired and some of the people I’ve met, as well as much of what I’ve learned, I will be taking these things with me into the next season. I’m giving myself permission to dream again.  It will all come together in God’s timing and with action steps on my part. It’s a small beginning but an exciting one! If you’re wondering…that DOES still mean I need to earn income while establishing my dream so job fairs and employer web sites I’m coming for you.

Thank you God for using Tyler Perry to make my day even though he didn’t even know it.  Lol.  :)  1)Dream, 2)Write it out and then 3)Live it out people!

Until the next time,

Your Friend Mel

~ by yourfriendmel on November 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “How Tyler Perry Made My Day”

  1. Wow, Mel, love it.

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