Are Those Your Christmas Lights Or Is Your House On Fire?

Have you ever seen that one house in your neighborhood that has so many Christmas lights that it looks like their house is on fire?  I have and I thought, ‘They may have to take up a donation to pay next month’s electric bill.’ Of course, I wasn’t moved enough to actually help out or anything but it was an actual thought for about two seconds.  These brightly lit abodes are a source of joy, delight and intrigue.  We get so attracted to the light that we often go out of our way to see them again and again. Driving by them as many times as we could possibly pass by someone’s house without looking like we’re stalking them.  Like the bug in the movie A Bug’s Life, we can’t help but want to go into the light because ‘it’s just so beautiful’.

I love Christmas lights!  I’m sure some people share my affinity for Christmas lighting but some people feel they need to be immersed in them.  How would you decorate if the house pictured below was your neighbor?



Can you blame the neighbor for going about it with a sense of humor that trumps the brilliant display?  They were probably being budget conscious but for the neighbor that didn’t want to be so budget conscious…kudos!  We love the lights too.  Either way as you can see, they both have a sense of humor since the picture was taken by the owner of the house that rivaled one of Disney’s electrical parades.  All I can hear in my head right now is ‘star bright, start light…’  You get my point.  Enjoy yours or your neighbor’s oh so luminous lights with a hot cup of cocoa.  Cheers!

Signing off for now,

Your Friend Mel

~ by yourfriendmel on December 12, 2012.

4 Responses to “Are Those Your Christmas Lights Or Is Your House On Fire?”

  1. I’ve always wanted to live in one of those neighborhoods where they band together and decorate along a theme (candy cane lane, or the votives in the paper sacks, etc…), and for several years I went all out with putting lights on my house to try and jump start my block into decorating. Nobody ever joined in though and eventually the amount of effort it took me to set up and take down every year no longer seemed worth it. I’ve been missing it though and I’m hoping that next year (when my wife and I will have our first little one to celebrate the holidays with) I will find my spirit and energy renewed, will unearth the boxes of lights from the garage, and will hang as many strands as I possibly can on our little place. (I’m not in a house anymore, and it will be difficult to decorate the condo – but if the will is there, I will find a way.)

    • I totally hear you. When I was growing up, there was an entire subdivision that would decorate and go all out and the cars would line up and traffic would get backed up. They were on the news(in a good way) every year. I loved it. I would walk over since it was that close and I didn’t want to sit in traffic but if you used to do it…then absolutely go for it next year ESPECIALLY since you guys will have a little one. Babies absolutely love lights. You’ll keep that baby enamored for some time. Heck I’m an adult and I still love staring at the Christmas lights. Lol. I hope you decide to go for it and all the best to you guys when the baby comes.

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