Daily Prompt: Resolved

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

A New Year’s resolution? What’s that?!  Ah, yes! Do you mean like the one I did last year where I had determined that I was going to find a more challenging workout so that I could start seeing results?  I wouldn’t call it a New Year’s resolution because it was already a goal of mine.  The results?  I found out about a workout that didn’t require weights or bands through a friend and ended up being sore from head to toe for about two weeks straight. Muscles that I didn’t even know existed were sore.  My muscles were so tight that I began to think they were paralyzed in fear the minute they would hear the DVD workout music begin to play.  Ben Gay was my BFF at bedtime. I would lather…no, marinate in it every night. I’m sure you’re wondering what I was doing.

Ben GayLet me start by saying that when the instructor on the DVD named Shaun T. said he was ‘smiling because he loved it’.  I totally hated him.  I wanted to put a picture of his smiling face on a dart board and throw darts at it until my arm would go numb but I couldn’t summon the energy after the Insanity workout to even lift my arm. Ha!  It is very appropriately named Insanity.

Insanity Workout

This is how I remember feeling for the first two weeks of these intense workouts but once I moved past that part and I started seeing results within those two weeks then I was even more motivated to get to Day 60 and see the difference in my physique.  I definitely wasn’t disappointed and I began to see a difference in my strength and endurance. Although I have to admit I was not-so-secretly envying one of the Insanity participants Tanya(who I jokingly call ‘The Beast’).  When I see Tanya(pictured above on the left) come out on the screen, I purposely makes her voice deep and says Beast Mode! It’s been almost a year now since I started the Insanity workouts and I love the fact that when I travel, I just take my workout with me and do it wherever I go.  Did I get the challenge I was looking for?  Absolutely.  I also recruited several friends to begin this workout as well once they were seeing my results. I warned all of them before they start that they will feel like quitting in the beginning but not to give in to the emotions and they’ll be glad they didn’t give in.

There’s a Fit Test that I do every two weeks and I have to count how many reps of certain exercises I’ve done.  My shining moment was the first time that I finally caught up to Tanya aka “The Beast’s” number in just one of the exercises.  That made my day. Now, I do Insanity on the regular.  I actually feel like my day isn’t the same when I don’t do it on a scheduled day.  This is one resolution I have definitely accomplished.

They say that the definition of Insanity is

Definition of Insanity

Well this is one type of Insanity that is an exception.  I did it over and over again and most definitely got great results!!!  Oh and before I forget to mention it, I totally love Shaun T. now.

Signing off now,

Your Friend Mel

~ by yourfriendmel on January 2, 2013.

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