Nothing But Praises

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Yes, that’s right! If you asked me about what I think about the singing competition on NBC called The Voice…I’d have nothing but praises to sing.  I didn’t say they’d be on key, I just said I’d sing them. This show is unlike any other singing competition that is currently airing. How so? It is very inspirational and full of life…from its’ contestants to the coaches to the hosts. This fierce foursome has great wit, comedic personalities and great team chemistry!

Positive Relationships

You can see week after week how the kid inside every coach comes out to play. The hosts are like the parents or schoolteachers that keep the order throughout. Both the coaches and the hosts interact with each other very comfortably in lively banter and playful jest that can only get your heart smiling and the audience up in laughter. You know what they say, laughter is good for the bones.

adam and shakira


This show fosters a charismatic environment and is a great model for what friendly rivalry should look like.  Positive relationships are modeled and encouraged not only by all the coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Shakira and Usher but also among the competitors with each other.  They seem to genuinely try to get to know, understand and support each other in their artistry. Most of the other competition shows these days like to highlight and thrive off of having negative relationships and drama where  you see the contestants treating each other like crabs in a bucket.  For example,  shows having their judges headline the news for consistently contending with each other. What a turn off!  There are others but that’s at the top of my list.

Investing in People

The Voice has also set itself apart in many ways as a great model that I can only hope other competition shows can learn from.

the voice judges2

You see, it is easy to sit in a chair and get paid for saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to someone as they stand there vulnerable and waiting for their dreams to either be affirmed or crushed all the while you get paid millions of dollars but to actually sit there and invest time, effort, energy, talent, and emotions into someone  in a positive manner yet be able to be truthful about what it is that needs improvement in the voice without being blunt or condescending is a true gift to BOTH the givers(mentors) and the receivers(mentees).   This is among the top things that has separated NBC’s The Voice from other singing competitions.  It is also currently the most viewed show on NBC but then again if you watched it then you’d know why.

Not only are they investing in people on the show, their competitors also take time to make a difference by volunteering in a partnership with Starbuck’s Coffee Community Service Program. They’re making an investment that will go a long way!

Social Media Interactivity

Everyone that is on social media is looking to connect for some reason or another. What greater way to make watching a competition interactive than to allow your audience to vote along with the judges.  That’s what you do in The Voice Play Along App on Facebook or at least that’s what I do with it.

Although your vote doesn’t count in the beginning phases like the Knockout Rounds, perhaps the LIVE shows will be different.

There I am watching The Voice( by the way, it starts at 8pm EST) with my laptop in front of me and this app open as well as my Twitter open and actively ready for tweeting.  It’s great to talk with other people and get feedback on what we thought of different performances. You can also send the contestants some sort of virtual high-five  in the form of words for a job well done.

The key factor in this show is positive relationships that bring growth and development!  This is the Golden Child of all singing competition shows.  I love The Voice!!!  Tonight and tomorrow, they’ll be having the LIVE Playoffs so if you get a chance, check it out!  You can find me on Twitter @yourfriendmel_  around show time and you can find all The Voice tweets @NBCTheVoice.

Ciao for now,

Your Friend Mel

~ by yourfriendmel on May 7, 2013.

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