Choose Your Adventure or Will It Choose You?

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

“Oh! What an amazing day!” I say to you as we watch a group of parakeets in the banana trees in front of us eat and chirp at eat other.  parakeets eating bananas

Also a sloth with her young hanging on as she decides to move over to another tree and who could forget seeing the bright array of colors that flashed before as we saw a group of macaws take off in flight just a few minutes ago.


Macaws in flight

Sloths: Mama and baby

Sloths: Mama and baby

We’re in the jungles of the Amazon and I have to say that I never thought  I’d actually get to come here. Our tour guide has instructed us to stay close, don’t go into the water unless he okays it and be alert especially for snakes since they are abundant in the rainforest but mostly beware of anacondas.

An hour later, our hike took us to a dock where we’ve excitingly jumped on our canoes and waited for instructions. Only five minutes into our canoe excursion, we see a baby goat that looks like its drowning in the water.  The lady in the canoe to our right, whose name we later learned to be Theresa jumped into the river to save this goat.  We all look on with our adrenaline pumping and sheer anxiety waiting to see if this little goat will live. As she approaches the goat, she too starts bobbing up and down in the water and screams, “ANACONDA!”  Our tour guides assistant, Miguel, quickly jumps in the water with his machete and begins cutting away.  A difficult task because this beast of a snake is constricting both of its’ preys as we look on with horror.  Time is not their friend right now.  As Miguel fiercely hatches away at the snake, Theresa is loosened and he’s able to get her back on the canoe.  Unfortunately, it was a little too late for the little goat.

We venture on.  We arrive at another dock and park our canoes.  We no longer have a group of quiet strangers but a bunch of new found comrades as we all chat about just experiencing an almost tragic event together.  We hike for a good 15 minutes as we hear the sounds of rushing water.  As we get closer, we see a beautiful clear river with a waterfall that just screaming ‘Cliff dive.’

Waterfall awaiting

Waterfall awaiting

We look at our guide who has given us the green light but throws out a disclaimer that you will swim at your own risk.  After the experience we just had, I look to you so we can decide together. What happens next?

Hanging on,

Your Friend Mel

~ by yourfriendmel on February 6, 2013.

9 Responses to “Choose Your Adventure or Will It Choose You?”

  1. Love it Mel!

  2. Thanks! I really enjoyed reading your action packed car chase. It was thrilling to read and creating an ending to it was fun. Love this interactive prompt!

  3. We swim, but of course we do. When else have we had the chance to swim in a tropical paradise, and more importantly when shall we again. So we climb the waterfall and we jump. Oh how we fly, and entering the water in a cool paradise we laugh and splash, for life, as they say, is sweet.

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  5. We swim and dive and snorkle. Arriving late to our night camp site, we feel into bed exhausted for all the activities that we experienced today. Magic happens, sure does, just let your safety net go and experience the unknown. D 34 :)

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